Damage Calculation

The Basic formula used for calculating damage is as follows:

( (PATK) * (Skill Power) ) / ( (opponent-PDEF) * 3 )

Where for special attacks it becomes

( (SATK) * (Skill Power) ) / ( (opponent-SDEF) * 3 )

If a ghost uses a move of its own type (such as a fire ghost using a fire move) that move will do 40% more damage.

If a move is super effective, then the net damage dealt will increase by 230%.

If a move is resisted by an opposing spirit, the damage dealt will reduce to 15%.

Type Weaknesses 

Where [X] < [Y] means that [X] is weak to [Y], and that [Y] resists [X]

Earth < Water, Plant

Plant < Fire, Wind

Fire < Water, Wind

Electricity < Earth, Dark

Dark < Fire, Light

Water < Electricity, Plant

Light < Electricity, Dark

Wind < Earth, Light

Normal is not weak to or super effective against anything.

Ghost Stat Bonus

Every ghost is assigned 2 random bonuses at the start of each match. These are for 2 and 4 points respectively. The stats they are assigned to are random. Ghost stats can be checked on the Switch menu during battle.